Stephen Tse, the founder of the Harmony blockchain project, said that the team will reconsider the offer to compensate the victims of the hacking of the Horizon cross-chain bridge for $100 million by issuing additional native ONE tokens.

Initially, the developers proposed to carry out a hard fork to compensate for the damage and release the required volume of ONE within three years. The plan provided for two options for additional emission:

2.4 billion ONE — compensation for 50% of damage;

4.97 billion ONE — for 100%.

At the same time, the team noted that there are not enough treasury funds for compensation and it does not consider spending them for these purposes.

“We have decided not to use the fund’s coffers in the interests of the longevity and well—being of the project, as reimbursement from these funds will greatly hinder the ability of the structure to support the growth of Harmony and its ecosystem,” the proposal says.

The plan caused an almost unanimous negative reaction from users.

Most pointed to its inflationary nature, which will lead to a “dilution” of the price. Some noted that this would hit the big ONE holders the most.

The refusal to use treasury funds also did not meet the understanding of users.